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Who does not know the 100 000 Kilometer badges, clocks and so on which are so
looked after by vintage volkswagen enthusiasts?

I want to introduce some of this stuff to you at this place.

Even in the year 1949 the first drivers where honored by the VW company for driving more than 100 000 Kilometers with
their cars without any major technical trouble. At this time these ceremonies where big events and good for promotion
because such a distance without problems was really a lot for a car. The picture shows a proud driver honored by VW
Fleischhauer in Cologne.

-- --

In these early days the papers, badges and clocks of the later years where not yet in use. The drivers got a letter from
the dealer and the dealer bought a clock and ordered an engraving with some words of honor.
These watches where of differend kinds but soon the VW company managed it more professional and all the watches became
equal with their stamped backsides and the badges where introduced and also the printed diplomas.

---1951--- ---1953--- ---1961---

During the years the 100 000 Kilometer honors where held the badges have been changed sometimes.
For inside fixing the left kind was the one of the split aera. It had a special shape at the upper edge which fitted
the split dashboard. The right kind was in use in zwitters and ovals and up to the 60s


This kind also existed but is not often seen.

Here the badges for the outside fixing.
The early and the later kind.


Also a little VW pin made of gold was handed out.

The clocks where changed over the years several times.
Differend brands where handed out sometimes at the same time.
All had the big VW pressing at the rear with a wreath and a 100 000 Kilometer writing.
Some of the last ones had just a little VW sign. Those might have been given out for other reasons.
All their faces where black and the body goldplated.

---- ----

The most common brands where "Mauthe" and "Laco", more rare where "Junghans" or "Porta".
There where very few more brands like for example "Comet" but they are nearly never seen.
At least they where promotion gifts and it seems the VW company always took the cheapest offer.
The "Mauthe" was seen with arabian and roman digits. Also the other brands showed sometimes little differend details.

- - - - -

Some where given out in beautyful boxes.


Sweden got its own kind without a pressing at the rear.
It had a little VW sign at the front with the writing 10 000 MIL.
That was for 10 000 swedish miles. A swedish mile was 10 Kiolmeters and was used there up to the 60s.
10 000 of them where 100 000 Kilometers again.

--------- ---------

Quite rarely given out where ladys watches. A woman in the 50s drove not often on its own and
even more seldom all the 100 000 Kilometers. (Thanks to H.P. Werres for the pics.)

--------- ---------

Usually the clocks got black leather bracelet. In the 60s sometimes brown ones where given out.
Some watches where also handed out with golden "FixoFlex" bracelets.

Here two pages out of the "Gute Fahrt" magazine from oktober 1951.


In the year 1952 the first meeting of 100 000 Kilometer Volkswagens was held.
In the year 1954 a second one. Organised by the "Gute Fahrt" magazine and the VW company there was a big raffle
with nice prices. A beautyful badge got everybody who took part.
For more informations about the meetings click here.