Our karmann was build in the spring of 1969 and was exported in the USA.

In 1988 the car came back to germany from New Mexico.
In 1991 we got him.
Unfortunately in the end of 2002 we had to sell it to my friend Harald from Duesseldorf.
Buying a house costs a lot!

Our split was build in may 1949. Chassisnumber 1-0104633.
He was a so called "early-export-model", build in pre june of 1949
This means, it is an usual standard split without side trim,
with cable breaks, with small headliner, three-spoke-steering wheel,
black speedo, black switches and handles etc.
But with chromed hood and door handles, chromed hubcaps, window cranks and bumpers.
It will take some more time to get him into this condition again,
including his original color "dark blue" L32.
We got him in 1998.
If anybody has any parts for such a car for sale his offers are always welcome!
For example I look for a set of "banana"-bumpers and two "grooved" semaphores!

On these two pictures you can see the difference between
the standard-version and the early-export-version.